Staff Structure

The new version of the site staff structure will be based off of the concept of "teams." Teams are groups of appointed users who are in charge of certain aspects of the site, such as discipline, maintenance, or even greeting new users.

The capabilities and permission of a team are determined by administrators at the inception of that team. Capabilities and permissions will be added or removed if:

  • An abuse of a permission is determined to have occurred.
  • The team requests a new permission or ability.
  • A new situation arises that requires attention, and administration determine that this team is the one best suited for dealing with the situation.

Each team is headed by a team leader. This team leader can be anyone from the site staff who has been determined to be the best leader for the team. Additionally, at least one moderator will be a member of each team—though not necessarily the leader—to allow for moderative privileges to be easier utilized in the team environment.

The team leader is responsible for making sure that the team itself is on task. Administrators can and will remove leaders of teams that are not performing their duties; however, it is perfectly understandable that someone would have real-life issues, be spread too thin, or simply not be a good fit for the position after the fact. Removal from a team leadership position does not imply a blacklisting from future positions or promotion.

As an aside: administrations can be the leaders of teams, but it will never be for the long term. In a perfect world, we would always have interested people wanting to step in and help, but we all know that isn't how things work. Most likely, if an administrator is the head of a team, it's for a targeted (temporary) team or in the absence of the regular leader.

What Happens to Current Moderators and Staff?

Current staff and moderative responsibilities will be relegated into different teams/groups, and moderators and staff will be organized into teams as deemed appropriate by administration. This means that not all Page/Forum Moderators will be conducting disciplinary actions and not all Operating Staff will be reviewing articles or welcoming new people.

This is an attempt to completely restructure how we do things, streamlining it into a solid, content/skill based system and moving away from the arbitrary levels of structure imposed by wikidot.

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